Out-of-State Teachers

How To Teach in Washington

You will need to create an E-Certification account. This account is where all of your documents will be uploaded and where you will find the applications for a certificate in Washington state. You will be applying for the Residency (4031) certificate.


Degree Requirement

Official transcripts showing a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. These can be sent to::

OSPI Professional Certification
P.O Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504

Or emailed to: cert@k12.wa.us


Program Requirement

Complete either the 4020E form (verification of program completion filled out by your college or university) or the 4020F-1 form (verification of experience outside Washington state filled out by your out-of-state school district) form and submit with a copy of your out-of-state teaching certificate to OSPI. If you added additional endorsements to your out-of-state teaching certificate after you completed your program, submit the 4020F-1 with a copy of your out-of state-certificate so you get credit for all of the endorsement areas on that certificate.


Testing Requirement

Washington state does require a WEST-B and a WEST-E test to be completed before the Residency Certificate can be issued. OSPI does accept many out-of-state tests and these results may be submitted to OSPI for review.


Fingerprint & Background Check Requirement

You may contact your local ESD location to make an appointment for fingerprinting. 

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