Teaching Programs

Whether you live on the coast, the I-5 corridor or east of the Cascades, a convenient teaching program awaits. Washington State features 32 approved teaching programs in practically every corner of the state.

*denotes online program available


Washington colleges and universities also offer more than 34 certificate and six specialty endorsements to qualify toward your certification.


Washington is hiring trained educators right now! First-level teachers require a Residency Teacher Certificate. A Career and Technical Education Certificate is ideal for specialization or for educators who come from business and industry backgrounds. You can also acquire a Substitute Teacher Certificate or, in extraordinary cases, a Limited Certificate to start teaching immediately.

Out of State

Are you an out-of-state teacher? It’s likely your certificate will qualify for a Washington State Residency Teacher or Professional Teacher Certificate. You can easily evaluate whether your grade level and subject endorsements align with Washington State.

Current Educators

There are several ways to renew or advance your certificate.

Or, if you previously held a teaching certificate but it has expired, you can renew your initial teaching certificate