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    Still have questions about teaching in Washington? We're here to help. […]
  • Out-of-state teacher

    Learn more about:   Certificates for out of state applicants. View certificate options. Required documentation for international applicants. Find out more. Testing requirements. The passing score from your certification exam may be used to meet certain testing requirement. Learn more about […]
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    CTE plan 1 may be right for you if you have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 45 quarter hours of study in the CTE area you would like to teach. One year of occupational experience (2,000 hours) in the area you would like to teach is also required. The occupational experience must have been com […]
  • Olympic Peninsula: ESD 114

    What makes this region great? The Olympic Peninsula combines America’s dampest locale with one of the sunniest found west of the Cascades. Waterfalls tumult around every corner as do hiking and biking trails up ridges and into valleys. Lovely vistas, be they lakefront or from Hurricane Ridge, nev […]
  • The Coast: ESD 113

    What makes this region great? Washington’s Coast contains a little of everything, white sand beaches, gorgeous sea stacks, temperate rain forest and mile after mile of trails. The small towns often get lost in all the nature, but communities like Seabrook and Westport are tossing a little Northwe […]
  • Southwest: ESD 112

    What makes this region great? Southwest Washington follows Lewis and Clark along the majestic Columbia River Gorge to the Pacific Ocean, expanding north to include Mount St Helens, which erupted in 1980, and millions of forested acres to explore. Whether you want to windsurf, ride single track or j […]
  • South Central: ESD 105

    What makes this region great? The broadleaf trees populate the parks as the terrain transitions from the Palouse to the Columbia River Gorge. You can spend the morning hiking in the Cascade foothills and the afternoon floating down the river. It’s all about lifestyle here, a small town area with […]
  • Southeast: ESD 123

    What makes this region great? The rolling grasslands of the Palouse are guaranteed to take your breath away, as will a trip through Hells Canyon on the Snake River. The region is also home to the Tri-Cities, including Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland. Since 2000, no other community in the state of Wa […]
  • Northeast: ESD 101

    What makes this region great? Distinct small towns dot the entire area, offering an opportunity to know your neighbors and revel in a comfortable lifestyle all within an hour of Spokane, Washington’s second largest city. With lots of land for exploration, including access to nearby Idaho and Cana […]
  • North Central: ESD 171

    What makes this region great? A drive across the North Cascades Highway, one the nation’s most scenic according to USA Today, reveals why this vast area would make a great home base. Mountain peaks, river valleys and glacial lakes make this one of the most sought after recreational areas in the P […]