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Educational Service District 101

The historical Inland Empire contains Spokane, Washington’s 2nd largest city, and lots and lots of land for exploration. Rivers divide the region, which means days spent tubing, boating or lounging upon hundreds of miles of beach. Come winter local, B.C. Idaho ski areas await within a couple of hours.

What Makes This Region Great?

The Northwest Region is all about access to less visited areas, though hitting Vancouver, Canada’s hippest city, is pretty great also. Mt. Baker helped put snowboarding on the national map and B’Ham’s student-hipster vibe ferments culture, food and great nightlife options.

Urban Cities

Spokane remains an affordable city that continues to draw talented chefs and develop its downtown infrastructure. The lifestyle choices are not unlike the Big 3 Pacific Northwest cities, but much less taxing economically.



Access to both Canada and Idaho are serious factors worthy of consideration when living in North Central Washington. Ski areas abound in all directions and millions of park acreage makes for unbelievable camping.



Small Towns

Distinct small towns dot the entire area, an opportunity to live simply, know your neighbors and revel in a comfortable lifestyle all within an hour of Washington’s second largest city.

Roosevelt Lake Scenery
“Washington is incredibly diverse. The landscape is beautiful and the people are so welcoming. There are so many opportunities to grow and experience.”


Pedro Navejas Rodriguez
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