Pick a program

Choosing the right educator preparation program is a big decision. There are multiple factors to consider including which routes and pathways are offered, the format and location of the program, the endorsement and subject areas available, and tuition and financial support.

Check the routes and pathways offered

Make sure the program offers the alternative route or pathway that works best for you. Learn more about route options.

Check the format and location

Programs can be offered completely online, in a blended model, or in person. If you don’t choose to go completely online, make sure the location of the program is in your region.

Check the program’s tuition rates

Many programs offer financial aid support and payment plans. Consider the cost of your program and learn more about how to pay for your education.

Know what grade level and subject you want to teach?

In Washington, you’ll earn your certification based on the subject area and grade levels you want to teach. The specific subject matter or content area listed on your certificate is known as an endorsement, and all certificates must have at least one endorsement. Some programs may choose to not offer certain endorsements. Make sure you check with programs to determine if they offer what you’re looking for. Learn more about endorsements and certification.


Washington’s approved programs

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Did you know?

There are search tools available to help you navigate choosing a program.