Olympic Peninsula: ESD 114


Olympic Peninsula

Educational Service District 114

The Olympic Peninsula combines America’s dampest locale with one of the sunniest found west of the Cascades. Waterfalls tumult around every corner as do hiking and biking trails up ridges and into valleys. Lovely vistas, be they lakefront or the Strait of Juan de Fuca, never get old.

What Makes This Region Great?

Remote? Yes, but the Olympic Peninsula was a storied environment long before “Twilight’s” vampires and werewolves settled here. Port Angeles and smaller towns such as Sequim (with its legendary rain shadow!) and Port Ludlow provide sublime settings and good cuisine.

Outdoor Recreation

The Hood Canal provides calm waters for paddlers, divers and swimmers alike. This recreational route meanders through some of Washington’s best forests as well.


Victorian Port Townsend teems with city chefs who’ve chosen the forager’s lifestyle as in addition to enough festivals to fill a calendar, twice!


Rare is the opportunity to work with and explore indigenous culture, but several local native communities provide an enlightened culture that they are more than willing to share.

Elwha River
“I had a teacher who really cared about me – academically and personally. That made me want to be that teacher and let students know that I believe in them and they should believe in themselves.”


Kiana Brisco
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