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Educational Service District 189

Washington’s most populated area thrives with culture, urban adventures and history. Seattle and Tacoma set the cultural agenda, but this region is also home to Mt. Rainier National Park, Puget Sound islands, hundreds of hamlets and thousands of miles of hiking trails. From the state capital to the Cascades crest, town and wilderness live side-by-side.

What Makes This Region Great?

The Northwest Region is all about access to less visited areas, though hitting Vancouver, Canada’s hippest city, is pretty great also. Mt. Baker helped put snowboarding on the national map and B’Ham’s student-hipster vibe ferments culture, food and great nightlife options.


Western Washington University has emerged as one of the top regional public institutions in the entire country. The highly educated Bellingham public takes advantage of loads of provocative lecture series, weekly concerts and plenty of other Viking events.


Whether choosing to hang in Whistler, North America’s perennial number one outdoor resort, or sample from thousands of restaurants in ethnically diverse Vancouver, Canada visits to the province of British Columbia never disappoint.


There’s no better place to ride, paddle and ski in the Northwest. You can do all of the above during the annual “Ski to Sea” festival.

Golden Meadow
“Washington is incredibly diverse. The landscape is beautiful and the people are so welcoming. There are so many opportunities to grow and experience.”


Pedro Navejas Rodriguez
Grandview School District

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