Meet Our Teachers


The narratives of Washington educators are as varied as the students we teach. We’ve come from around the world, from the business and tech world as well as the military to share our experiences and expertise with our classrooms. Some of us even teach in the very school we attended!


What’s it really like teaching in Washington? Hear for yourself from our talented teachers.


“Washington state has always been focused on making education best for the kids first.”


Tamasha Emedi
Highline School District

As a teacher and a mom, my family chose to live in Washington state because of the strong public school system and the support for teachers, faculty and our students.

Kendra Yamamoto, Vancouver School District

“I had a teacher who really cared about me – academically and personally. That made me want to be that teacher and let students know that I believe in them and they should believe in themselves.”


Kiana Brisco
Highline Public Schools

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